Learn how to understand, charge and operate your ebike battery.
Our instructional resources will assist you in using your ebike battery.

What kind of distance/range will I get with my battery?

The kind of range you can expect with your BBS02/BBSHD motor depends on which battery you pair the motor with. The range you can achieve from a battery depends on many factors, including rider load, what type of power assist level you are using, how much you are pedaling with the motor, terrain, wind, and many other things. The most important factor that determines range is the battery's amp hour capacity. The larger the amp hour capacity of a battery, the greater distance you will be able to ride.

We have put together a table to show you estimated distances based on average riders riding in mild conditions. The standard rule of thumb for 48V batteries is 1 mile per amp hour during throttle only and 3.9 miles per amp hour when pedaling along with the motor. For 52V batteries the standard rule of thumb is 1.08 miles per amp hour during throttle only and 4.2 miles per amp hour when pedaling along with the motor. The table below provides distance estimates when pairing our different batteries with the 750w Bafang BBS02 Motors. If you are pairing the battery with a BBSHD 1000w motor, you may experience up to 15% less distance then shown on the table below. For quick and easy reference we have provided a table below regarding battery type and distance range estimates based on average theoretical conditions:

How do I charge my ebike battery?

Your battery is shipped 30-50% charged, so first thing you may want to do when you get your new ebike battery is charge it!

  • 1 Always plug your charger into the AC outlet before plugging it into your battery.
  • 2 If your battery has on/off switch turn it to the off position. (If not, such as for the 48V 11.6Ah battery, don't worry! It is safe to charge as is!)
  • 3 Now plug your charge into the battery port to begin charging. The charger light will turn red while charging.
  • 4 When your battery is fully charged, the charger light will turn green. You don't need to worry about over-charging as all of our batteries are equipped with Smart Battery Management Systems, so the charger will stop charging as soon as the battery is fully charged.
  • 5 You can now disconnect the charger from the battery. You also do not have to fully charge the battery and can disconnect the charger when the battery has reached your desired level of charge.
  • 6 Now you can disconnect the charger from your outlet.


  • Always plug your charger into your power outlet before plugging it into your battery
  • It is best to let your battery rest for about an hour after use before charging. This will help reduce sparking that can occur if you start charging your battery right after using it!

How long will it take to charge my battery?

Here are the basics of how to figure out how long it will take to charge your battery to full capacity.

1. First, you need to determine the power of the charger you are using.
We calculate the power of the charger by multiplying the charger voltage by the charger amperage
charger voltage x charger amperage = charger power output

The table below shows the power of our 2amp and 3amp chargers:

Now that we know the charger power we can calculate the total charge time (empty-full) for each of the batteries and chargers. This is done by multiplying the battery voltage by the battery Ah (capacity) in order to find the total watt hours for the battery. Once we have the watt hours we can divide it by the charger power to determine the total charge time in hours.

We can see from the table above that our 3amp quick chargers charge batteries 150% faster than our 2amp standard chargers.

For more detailed range estimates based on battery voltages:

The battery voltage read on your display is a more accurate estimate of your current battery charge, then the LCD display percentage and battery icon guage. The Bafang LCD displays percentage guage estimate your battery life based on your current riding conditions (i.e. if you are using throttle, what level of pedal assist you are in, etc.). If you have an upgraded display that can show battery charge in voltage, set your display to this setting as this is a more accurate read of the battery life. Please consult the tables below for a general estimate of battery capacity/range based on battery voltage.

For a more detailed range estimate based on voltages for the 52V batteries refer to the table below:

All of this being said, this most accurate way to gauge your battery's current charge level, is by using the LED charge indication gauge on your battery itself.