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Complete Bafang Front Hub Motor Kit & Battery

Complete Bafang 500W Front Hub Motor and Battery

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48V 2amp Aluminum Standard Charger
48V 3amp Aluminum Quick Charger [Add $45.00]
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Bafang Mechanical Levers with built in Ebrake Cut Off
Ebrake Sensors to keep using your existing Hydraulic/Disc Brakes [Add $25.00]
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15 Zip Ties to help secure all of your cables to your bike. [Add $4.00]

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Starting at $799! $100 off MSRP!

Product Details

The Bafang Geared Front Hub 500W Motor Kit (FMG020) mounts in the place of your bike's front wheel and fully replaces your bike's current front wheel! The kit includes the wheel motor, rim (Disc or V-Brake ready), heavy-duty 12 gauge black spokes and an ultra high= performance, puncture-resistant MAXXIS Pace Tire (MSRP $60). This is the newest Bafang 500W Front Hub Motor with a "rated power" of 500watts, however a maximum power of more than 860 watts with the included 18amp controller paired with a 48V battery. Don't be fooled by other sellers who claim to be selling a 750W Bafang Front Hub Motor for $1000+ as Bafang currently does not and has never made a 750W Front Hub Motor (despite other sellers misleading descriptions and claims). This is the tried and true most powerful Bafang Front Hub Motor that is a work horse for hundreds of thousands of pre-made ebikes. We sell the most powerful Bafang Front Hub Motor (48V and 18amps) at the most affordable price to convert your current bike instead of buying a more expensive, heavy, and less powerful pre-made Ebike.

The Bafang 500W Front Hub Kit comes with all of the necessary parts to convert just about any bike (must have an Open-Slotted Front Fork) to transform your bike into a high-powered electric bike! The Bafang Front Hub Motor Kit is a high-performing, lightweight, quiet, fast, hill-climbing, well-engineered electric bike kit. The Front Hub Motor Kit is one of the fastest and easiest installation and conversion possible as the wheel motor comes pre-built and ready to ride! The motor includes 2 types of Pedal Assist Sensors (PAS) options for your installation convenience. You get to choose which Pedal Assist Sensor will be better for your specific installation.

The Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) allows you to choose the power level of motor assistance that you would like while pedaling. Also, you can always use the throttle in order to engage the motor if you want to take a break from pedaling! Please note, the throttle is limited to the Pedal Assist Level you are in. These Front Hub Motors are designed to be able to go 20+ MPH!

Parts Included in Bafang 48V 500W Front Motor Kit

  • Newest Bafang 500W Front Hub Motor (Max Power of more than 850 Watts!)
  • Integrated 48V 18amp Controller
  • Upgraded 12 Gauge Black Spokes
  • Industry Leading MAXXIS Pace Tire with puncture protection!
  • LCD Display (C961 Display, 500c Display, or DPC-18 Full Color Display)
  • Ebrake Handle Levers or Ebrake Sensors (connects to your existing brakes)
  • Two different types of Pedal Assist (PAS) Sensors included with each kit (for your convenience and easy installation so you can choose which would be best for your specific bike!
  • Left Thumb Throttle
  • Main Wiring Harness (wiring that connects all the kit components)
  • 48V Ebike Battery with charger (your choice of 48V 11.6Ah, 48V 12.8Ah, 48V 17.5Ah, 48V 24.5Ah) All our batteries have easy plug and play connections (upgraded Anderson connections) to fit the Bafang motor.

Product Features

  • System Voltage: 48 Volts
  • Up to 860 watts of power with 48V battery
  • Throttle and pedal assist modes
  • Lightweight and powerful!
  • LCD Display provides information about speed, time, battery info and pedal assist power
  • Plug and play connections and installation
  • Powerful and affordable mid-drive conversion ebike kit that can convert most bikes to high power ebikes
  • Upgraded 45 amp Anderson Connections

Which Battery?

The battery that you choose to pair with your kit depends on what kind of range and power you are looking for as well as the dimensions that you have to work with on your bike.

Please consult the different battery product pages for detailed information regarding the batteries:

Please make sure and use our Actual Size Battery Cutouts to check for fitment on your frame to make sure the battery will work on your bike frame!

Will the Bafang Front Hub Motor Kit work with my bike?

These kits will only work on bikes with open slotted front forks as described on our "Will the Bafang Front Hub motor fit on your bike?" article.


The Bafang Front Hub motor conversion kit installation is a DIY project that requires no specialty expertise – simply install the parts, plug in the connectors and zip-tie the cables! It is as simple as that! If you are not interested in performing the install yourself, simply stop by your local bike shop, and they should easily be able to install the Front Hub Motor kit for you.

All the tools that you will need for the install are typically found in most bike tool kits. The only tools that you will need for the install are:

1. A 19mm Wrench or Adjustable Wrench for Front Wheel Axle

2. Set of Allen Wrenches to install the Display, Throttle, and Ebrakes

3. Tool to remove existing bolts on your downtube and secure Battery Mount with preexisting bolts.

Installation Steps

1. Remove your bike's current front wheel.

2. Install your new Front Hub Motor Wheel (make sure all axle hardware is properly installed)

3. Remove Handlebar Grips to install Display, Left Thumb Throttle, and Ebrakes.

4. Install Display, Left Thumb Throttle, and Ebrakes on your handlebars (using Allen Wrenches).

5. Install PAS Sensor on your bike frame

6. Secure Controller on your bike

7. Use the Controller Cable that connects the Motor to the Controller (matching the plugs with the pins properly aligned).

8. Connect the Main Wiring Harness to the Motor, Display, Left Thumb Throttle, and Ebrakes (connect them following color-coding and making sure the pins are properly aligned

9. Install the Battery Mount on the Water Bottle Holder Bolt Holes on your bike's downtube.

10. Connect the Controller Connections to the Battery Connections. Connect the Anderson Connections by color-coding (Red to Red and Black to Black).

11. Install and Lock Battery onto the Battery Mount (using provided keys).

Please refer to our Installation Page for our Step-by-Step Installation Instructions & Bafang LCD Display manuals and Videos.

Customer Care Note: We always recommend storing ebikes indoors or under cover as electronic components are susceptible to water damage. All of the kit parts are water resistant, but components such as the display are not waterproof.

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